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Friday Pix

They're few, they're far between, but they just keep comin'...

Bob tended to take Casual Day just a little too far.

Some mice just cannot hold their liquor.

Even during an earthquake, the hardcore golfer is not deterred.

For when "those three little words" aren't exactly what you had in mind...

Sometimes, one just isn't enough.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...not sure what that phrase has to say about "mocking".

Harry Potter and his buddies were kinda outcasts...and so are the Goth kids...

Superman: The Early Years

A SysAdmin's nightmare...or dream, perhaps...

...and only a geek would have thought of turning a harddrive into a knife sharpener.

The conflict in the Middle East heats up as the Israelis unleash their new troops: the ninjews.

Well, that's all ya get this time. Between work, pain, and general goings-on, I'm swamped. Here's hoping the best weekend for all of ya.

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