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The newest thing to be getting out of hand? Finding fingers in your food. That woman in South Cali with the finger in her Wendy's chili (and now, there's some debate about whether she did this at all, or whether it was a hoax) was bad enough...but this...this just makes me livid.

Fight over finger found in custard

So, this guy finds a finger in his frozen custard. OK, that's bad, but the poor idiot who lost it is an employee at the place he got the custard from...and he refused to give it back. Hell, he was back in the place 30 minutes after it was lost, and wouldn't do it. Made a huge deal about it, ranted about how he was gonna have it tested for "all the diseases that are out here now"...and took it back home, stuck it in his freezer, and only occasionally took it out to show TV cameras, etc. Meanwhile, the worker could have had it reattached, but not now.

I'm glad to see that public opinion is not exactly backing this guy up. What a jackass! I can't wait for him to claim "mental anxiety" or something, so the guy who lost the finger can laugh at him in court, and countersue. I'm against all these stupid, frivolous lawsuits, but in this case, I hope NineFingers there sues the ever-lovin' fuck out of this asshole. He's seeing dollar signs, lookin' to make a buck, meanwhile he's deprived someone of their flesh.n Fucker.

Sad postscript: This isn't the first finger lost in that machine.

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