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Sitting here, just chillin', laughing with Erik and Di, doors and windows open, enjoying the breeze, when there's a slamming sound, hard to distinguish, followed by a warbling, damn near yodelling ululation from outside. For a second, we sat there, looking at each other, trying to figure out what that was, and then we jumped up, and got out the door.

Looked streetward, just in time to see a young woman, still in her work clothes and apron (she works at a sub shop nearby) with a fairly large dog in her arms, going absolutely apeshit with grief, while a skinny guy in jeans and a white tee-shirt, holding a bouquet of flowers is staring down the street and yelling angry, bloody murder.

Without too many other details, they had been walking home with their dog who suddenly jumped into the street (nope, wasn't on a leash), and a green van who was coming down the road nailed it and just kept on going. I ran across the street, where I was joined by people from the surrounding houses, but there wasn't anything we could do. The guy called the cops, telling them what happened and describing the van, getting some details from a guy who had seen it, and someone else went and got his car to try and get the dog to a vet, but the dog only lasted a few minutes before it was all over. The girl, sadly, was pretty much inconsolable, and wouldn't let go of the dog, even after it had given up the ghost. Her man drove off with a friend, saying he'd be right back, and the best we can figure is that they went to get the van, though, as big as this dog was, I find it hard to believe that they didn't know they'd hit it. Eventually, a cop did show up, but, really, what could he do? I finally just came back across the street and in the house...there was nothing else I could do, not that there'd been much in the first place. My whole real contribution had been to check and see if the dog was alive, since no one else wanted to touch her.

Two observations:
  1. A lot of people came out to see what happened (that chick was crying really damn loud). No one could do anything, of course, but all were hurt and saddened to see this, and all kinda pulled together here and tried to at least be there, for all that we could do nothing else. I hated that this was the kind of thing it took for the people of this section of the neighbourhood to come out of their houses (in the rain, even) and to come together. It was kind of a good feeling to see the support, but I was personally saddened that the cause was such pain.
  2. I had such mixed emotions. Even in my sympathy and condolence, I wanted to slap these two silly for not having their dog on a leash. Dude was saying that "normally, she never does this...", and that's exactly the point. It's an animal, you never know what it's gonna do...and walking next to a busy street unleashed is just asking for it. At the same time, I wanted to beat the tar out of the van driver for not stopping. An animal jumps out on a wet street, you may not have time to swerve, and things happen. Hey, accidents are accidents...but damn, what kind of cold-hearted asshole runs down someone's pet and just drives on like nothing happened?
Not a fun moment. And rarely do I find myself involved in such polar opposites of human feeling.

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