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The Ups And Downs Of Odd News

Down Side: According to an AP story, a new policy that took effect today at DaimlerChrysler's Indiana Transmission Plants I and II that designates about 80 percent of employee parking spaces at the plants for Chrysler vehicles only. Workers driving any other make of vehicle have to park much farther away, or face having their car or truck towed from the plant's location in Kokomo to Indianapolis, 60 miles away, at a cost of $200. A spokesman fro Chrysler claims that most other Chrysler plants have similar policies, but some employees feel they're being punished for exercising their freedom of choice. Ya ask me, that all sounds like a bunch of hooey.

Up Side: If you're a fan of hot chicks and Star Wars, then you've probably already heard the rumours about Ling Bai being cut from the latest film. For those that haven't, the rumour is that she was cut out of the film due to her posing for Playboy, though a LucasFilms spokesperson says the cut happened over a year ago. Regardless, those of us that goggled at her sexy ass in the shower scene of The Crow have been waiting to see more skin...and, because I'm such a nice guy, I'll show you where you can find those pix (do I even need to tell you this link is NSFW?). One problem I have: you'll notice that she appears to have a tattoo, just above her pubic mound, of some Kanji...but then, in another pic, it's a tiger...and in still others, there's not a tattoo at all. We all know Playboy retouches their photos, but faking tattoos, inconsistently...that's just dumb. (This link is taking quite a hit, as you can imagine, so it's a tad slow sometimes...just warning you.)

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