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Today's Ups-and-Downs Nooz

Down Side: With our "war effort" still in full swing, etc., you'd think that West Point graduates, committed to a five-year military commitment, would be right in line to be sent overseas. But, according to a new policy that may be approved by the military, Army athletes in any sport who sign a pro contract would serve only two years active duty and six in the reserves upon graduation. So, even though you are going to the country's main school for military connections, if you play sports and sign a pro contract, you get out early from your service commitment. Have we slipped so far that even the MILITARY is putting pro sports above all else? Jeezus, I don't have the strength to rant about pro sports, but come ON!

Up Side: Apparently, Jesus Christ can't get a driver's license in West Virginia. Seems this guy, whose real name is Peter Robert Phillips Jr., has been using the name "Jesus Christ" for 15 YEARS now, and has a U.S. passport, Social Security card and Washington driver's license all in that name. However, a D.C. judge denied the official name change 2 years ago, citing that it could offend people, etc. He's appealing that decision, by the way, but in the meantime, since his Florida birth certificate has his original name, West Virginia won't give him a license in his adopted name. "Christ's" Attorney says the name change is an expression of his faith...yeah, right. "I believe in Christianity...so I'm gonna take the name of the Messiah!" Just a TAD arrogant, doncha think? Now, my question is how he got a passport and SocSec card in that name!

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