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Geek related tech talk, about a problem and solution...

OK, so, had a problem this afternoon that was weird, something I'd never encountered before. Goes like this: I run at a 1280x1024 resolution, using an ATI 9600 vidcard on a 19" Envision EN910e monitor (for what it's worth). I needed a game, so I reinstalled Postal 2 today, and I run it at 1024x768 fullscreen.

At one point, as I'm playing, the game freezes. I wait a mo', give it the ol' three-finger salute (no effect), and I'm about to just shut down the box and reboot when the game minimizes (well, there's the task manager, close that out), and I get a message saying something about the accelerator not responding to commands form the graphics driver, and VPU Recover fixing it, do I want to submit an error report? VPU Recover is ATI's dealie which allows the accelerator to be reset, so I figure, what the Hell, send on the report, note that the desktop has been reset to 1024x768 (figure I'll fix it later) and restore the game window, and play on.

OK, finish playing for now, shut down the game. Change my resolution back to 1280x1024, and start fiddling with the monitor controls to get the screen re-centered, stretched to the edges, etc...and it will no longer stretch all the way, horizontally. Vertical, fine, but full stretch, horizontally still leaves an empty area at each side of the screen, maybe a quarter of an inch. I can shift the screen's centering and move it into those areas, but cannot stretch the screen to cover it all.

Needless to say, this REALLY annoyed me. Especially when I changed to a lesser resolution and it worked fine, changed to a HIGHER resolution and it worked fine, but at 1280x1024, I get this issue. It's almost as if the monitor itself (which registers the resolution) had internal settings for each resolution, and they've been schnockered by this graphics hiccup.

Well, as minor a problem as this may seem, it drove me apeshit. I couldn't stand those black bars mocking me. Some people are fine with their screen not reaching the edges; I'm not one of them. I did everything short of reinstalling the vidcard (since this was a monitor issue, not a vidcard one), and finally just set it to 1600x1200 and started getting used to everything being even smaller than before.

After dinner, though, I had the big "Well, DUH" thwap me upside the head, and looked up the website for Envision, looking for a monitor driver as a last-ditch effort (the box has always just seen it as a "plug-and-play monitor"). While I couldn't find this monitor on their product list, I did find drivers for it, and gave it a shot.


Whattaya know, worked like a charm. Everything got reset, and I was once again able to get things back where they belonged. Instead of RTFM (read the fucking manual), I guess this is a LTFW (look-up the fucking website) situation.

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