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12 May 2005 @ 12:39 pm
Expand Your Mind  
Well, after a rough one, seems I gave ya a "gimme". Everyone got the right answer, being that, yes, it is possible...if she spoke German previous to her fall. Hope you enjoyed these last few easy ones, courtesy of Casey and Andy, a fun webcomic.

Now, back to the weird ones:
Justin Time was on a gruelling trip from his hometown of Neutron to the town of Proton. Justin and his bicycle were able to hitch a ride to the town of Electron, which was exactly halfway to Proton. The ride lasted one hour, and was ten times faster than if Justin had cycled the same distance. When Justin got out of the car at Electron, he noticed that his tire was flat, which meant walking the rest of the way to Proton. Walking took him twice as long as cycling. When Justin finally reached Proton, he repaired his bicycle tire and rode the entire distance home to Neutron. How much time did each trip take and which of the two has faster?
Personally? I'd have taken the train.
Current Music: King Crimson - Elephant Talk