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OK, so Friday the 13th had it's little joke on me. After yesterday's tech difficulties with trying to hook up and run my own FTP or web server, today the tech gods slapped me again.

I remember something that I had wanted to test on Gametable, so I fired it up on Di's machine and connected to mine. Well, tried to connect. It claimed it was joined up, but neither program showed the other player. Odd...got hold of discordian and had him try...same thing. What made things even stranger was that if I had Di's machine host it, all connections were fine. What followed was a couple hours of fiddling with settings and routers and port forwarding and firewall settings and whatnot, all to no avail.

Yeah, I was pissed. Royally pissed.

As usual, in the end it was something stupid. I opted to run a spyware/adware/virus scan (it was about time for it, anyway), and found some odd viral stuff in my Java Runtime Environment (which Gametable runs on). Because it was in the archive files, I had to strip Java completely out of the machine, delete the archives, and reinstall from the ground up, but, in the end, it worked fine again.

It's almost always something easy and stupid, ain't it?

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