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Well...first hot day around here, and the sun and heat took it's toll on your humble narrator. Not doing well, but slowly getting better as the sun is leaving. Need to get some food, and thinking we'll head downtown for a bit, let zombiedip get some night pictures.

Watched What the BLEEP Do We Know? today. Pretty good, actually; you definitely need to pay attention, it may be a little over your head sometimes but it's still worth watching. Hard to describe, half scientific documentary and half "change the way you think". The first half was hard for me to stay awake through, since it was all quantum physics stuff that I already knew, but that's just me. Give it a shot.

For your laughter while I'm gone, I give you the Ryan's Steakhouse Story. Warning: it's a tad disgusting, but damn funny with a happy ending. For those that don't know, Ryan's is a combo buffet/steak restaurant, that I remember as having pretty good food (they don't have them up here, sadly).
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