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Conspiracy Theory And Wall-Licking

So, yes, we wandered around downtown for a bit, and I'm sure zombiedip will have some pix for display shortly. But I have a few of my own...and you Discordians will probably be the only ones to appreciate them.

This is the main mast of the Battleship Oregon, all that remains of it (follow the link if you are interested in it's history). Seems innocuous, right? A nice exhibit, commemorating the 'Bulldog of the Navy'. Until I got to looking at the plaque there and noticed this...

Yes, it's first captain was Captain Clark...how's that jive with your Illuminati/Discordian history? (Go back and re-read Illuminatus! and Schrodinger's Cat if this doesn't ring a bell.). Well, I had to take a closer look at the mast now, for sure...and what do I see, right out in the open?

The door into the mast, which should serve no purpose now, isn't welded shut, just padlocked, and not even closed properly. Makes you wonder what's behind it...Ah well.

Mostly we just wandered, watched some guy on a bike get arrested, laughed at the crap some galleries had the balls to call "art", watched all the kids in tuxes and formal dresses (some prom is tonight, apparently), and just enjoyed the time together. We had one moment that stood out, though: Di saw this one building whose adornments and accents she said reminded her of a bunch of nipples...and, well, I had to get in on the act...

And now, there's some chicken calling my name, and a movie begging to be watched.

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