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Here's To Good Friends, Tonight Is Kinda Special

Spent the morning and midday out at the farm, mostly taking down a bunch of shelves and then dismantling whiny_general's computer, moving her desk, and setting it all up again. Only two small moments of mayhem, and each was handled by me and a trusty set of power tools. Yay, power tools!

The evening found us out at delilahbowie and John's house, for a bit of dinner and hang time. Rockin', to be sure: good food, fun people, and general kick-back. Did get a bit of "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory" in, as John showed me the co-op mission mode, and we proved that the two of us should probably never try to be secret sneaky-guys together (damn, I sometimes forget how much I prefer playing stuff like that with a keyboard and mouse, until I get a chance to try and keep all the buttons on a controller straight). All in all, good times...gonna have to start making this a regular dinner and hang thing.

I think I just have time to watch a flick before bed...so be good, kids, or I'll turn right around and then no one gets to go to McDonald's.

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