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Actually, I'm not in a great mood this morning. Just...not.

Odd dreams, involving being in some house, I distinctly remember zombiedip and nythien being there, which was nice. Later it evolved into being pretty dark and lots of people around, and we seemed to be doing some sort of preparation for a performance, and I recall standing with two other ladies, laughing about something, and spontaneously making up a musical bit about going to Hell, and remarking "See, this is why I like having geeky people around." Then I grabbed a pass to get in, and went to a bathroom to change from my shorts to a pair of jeans, and woke up.

Lay there in bed for a bit, with some strange idea in my head about a guy with a chainsaw, only to hear one fire up outside a minute later. Must have been going on and got stuck in my head.

Seems every day I get some odd song stuck in my head after I wake up, and it's almost always something I haven't heard in fuckin' forever, so I have no idea what made it bubble up out of my conciousness; today it's "There Are Worse Things I Could Do", sung by Rizzo in the musical "Grease". Yes, I'm in Hell.

Speaking of Hell, do yourself a favour: don't talk about new or upcoming films with me, and I'm gonna try not to talk about them to anyone else, OK? Apparently I'm incapable of having those conversations without pissing someone off, all due to the fact that I have this strange higher standard for my entertainment. I'm sure you are all tired of hearing me bitch about 'Hollywood' and their practices, and frankly, I'm tired of being called down for my desire to have something more than mindless drivelling pablum for entertainment. So go ahead and look forward to your sequels and remakes, and I'll just sit here quietly and stew in my own juice, OK?

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