God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Post Three For Today

Twas the night 'fore Agnostica,
When all through the city
Not a rapper was rhymin',
Not even P. Diddy;

The malls were all empty,
Department stores closed,
The gifts were all wrapped,
The greetings composed;

Streetlamps were dimmed
Tthen darkened entirely,
As Gen-Xers mourned
The passing of irony;

When out from the stillness
Came a phat funky beat,
And shook the foundations
Of the once peaceful street;

Twas the spirit of punk god
Joey Ramone
Singing "Twenty twenty twenty
Four hours to go-o-o-o..."

Oh! Then Aaliyah bust in
Like a superstar,
While George Harrison jams
On electric sitar;

He slows it down
Aand she strikes a pose,
Singing "There's something
In the way she flows."

When it's time to bounce
They shout from above:
"Happy Solstice to all
And to all One Love!"

-- T A T S U Y A I S H I D A

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