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Two easy and a poser over the weekend, it seems. Hardy's load is lighter because his pillow cases are empty, and Mount Everest is tallest, whether we discovered it or not...both easy enough. Only royhuggins got the idea: Kerry Queen is a skywriter, and as he was in his (airplane) cabin writing a letter, the electrical storm caused his plane to be hit by lightning. Sucks to be him.

OK, on to today's:
During a world fair, a group of scientists were exhibiting their advances in genetic engineering. There were cross-breeds of bulls, cows, and other domestic farm animals. Featured in the exhibit were several over-sized prize turkeys. One afternoon during the show, a woman walked up to the exhibit, shot the turkeys, and then ran from the building. Although she was known to a number of people, nobody made any attempt to stop her. Why?

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