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It's always a mixed emotion when you get into a good book at night. Take last night, for instance.

I recently hit up the library, just looking for something to read, and happened across Greg Kihn in the fiction area (not the actual man, just his books...I should BE so lucky). Now, real quick, for those of you who don't know, Kihn was once a big-ish name in the 80's (fronting, appropriately enough, the Greg Kihn Band) with the songs "Jeopardy" and "The Breakup Song", and is now a top DJ on KFOX radio in San Francisco (and still plays and records music, I might add).

Yeah, I was a big Greg Kihn fan, so when I discovered a while back that he'd started writing, I gave it a shot and really liked his stuff. So, seeing more of his books that I didn't recognize, I went ahead and snagged all three that they had: 'Shade Of Pale', 'Big Rock Beat', and 'Mojo Hand'. I'd read 'Big Rock Beat' before, but since 'Mojo Hand' contained a character from it, I wanted to read it again.

So, 'Shade of Pale' was up first, and I read it over the course of a few nights, just reading before bed. Enjoyed it, no doubt (involves a man dealing with murders, apparently caused by a Banshee...deeper than you'd think), and the climax at the end gripped me greatly...I lay on the couch reading it last night, before I made it to bed. Crawled into bed, still not tired, and picked up 'Big Rock Beat'. That was, say, midnight. The next thing I remember was Dianna whimpering in a nightmare, and finally waking up, a little disturbed from it, so I put the book down, got her to snuggle up with me, and put out the light...noting that it was something like 4:30 in the morning, and I still wasn't tired.

I got up around 8. Yeah, I'm feeling it, a little. You know how it is, though, you have a good book and you just don't wanna out it down, and your body gets into it so you aren't tired.

Um, this rambled on more than I expected.

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