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Let's see. Over the course of today, I've grilled burgers for two families, made plans for moving one small sound system from the house to the porch/well-house area, completely rewired and set up another HUGE entertainment system, bought some gorgeous new cars for my Hot Wheels collection and a Star Wars figure for Erik (thanks for the Target card, Mom), and proven my unbeatable skills in one of those marble Labyrinth games, and discovered a lot more grey hair than I realized I had. Been quite a day.

This entertainment system, man, that was a good chunk of work. The yuppies I do tech work for have been having their house refinished, and since they finally got the front/main room done, they wanted to get their systems set back up. As they just bought a brand new Denon AVR-2805 Receiver (huge pic, sorry, not my fault), it all had to pulled apart and redone. We're talking 42" TV, the receiver, cable, VCR, DVD, phonograph, and CD player...as well as the room's installed speaker systems. The back of that receiver is just daunting to look at. Still, I enlisted my nephew and we got the thing running. (No, I don't know how much they spent on that thing, and I don't want to know, it'll just be depressing.)

Dianna seems to have hurt her back, so she's not functioning well, so it's a quiet evening at home. It's also now been a month since Jessica went to her sister's, and we've had no contact the whole time, and that sucks. I don't talk about it much, but I miss her somethin' awful.

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