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Better late than never...the answers: 1. The trains would be the same distance from any place, when they meet, 2. If you take two apples, then YOU have two apples, and 3. The next letter is N, for November (the letters were months)...

So, let's get a late Monday riddle in:
Shadow squinted into the rising sun as the early morning light reflected off the freshly fallen snow. Shadow headed due east following the snow shoe tracks of Harry Fowl, the world famous photographer. Suddenly, to Shadow's horror, he came upon the dead body of Harry Fowl. He had been shot and killed by an arrow that entered his back and pierced his heart. Shadow raced back to the chalet where his weekend companions were just sitting down to breakfast. All three men were shocked when Shadow relayed the tragedy. Sam Slug kept muttering that he just couldn't believe it. Sid Shady said it seemed just moments ago that Harry told him he was going to photograph various birds in their early morning habit. Buck Shot, who was counting his arrows, turned ashen white when he noticed one of them missing. "One of you in the killer," said Shadow. Who does he suspect and why?

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