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Well, sadly, divinemissb and zombiedip were both feeling less than perfect, so no game last night. Ah well, called John and cancelled, and watched The Chronicles of Riddick again...man, I love those flicks. Here's hoping the other two sequels that have been talked about go through.

Speaking of games, I'm making plans for my next big AD&D campaign. Looks like I'm setting it in the Red Steel/Savage Coast area again (I really like that setting), starting off as 0-level characters, for a change. Should be interesting. Also, was wearing my 'critical fumble' shirt yesterday (a d20 turned to the number 1 and the small caption "shit."), and my neighbour came by, asking if I had any charcoal. Funny thing, he actually knew what that meant. I'd have lost that bet...claimed he was the only one of his friends that knew what "3d8+5 damage" meant. Normally, that place next door annoys me with the ruckus and whatnot coming from it, but to think, there's a gamer right next door. Too bad I'm probably moving in two months.

Strange dreams last night, live-action stuff that was quite obviously game-related, and yet cinematic, starting cruel and ending odd. Lots of recognizable people and cool stuff, definitely one of the more interesting dreams I've had in a while....and no, I'm not typing it all out. Too long, wouldn't make sense when put in black and white, and this way I don't have to name names of people involved.

Hungry. Odd mood.

Setting up Di's new computer tonight and tomorrow. Always an interesting time.

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