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Correct, my friends: the nail would get no higher, because plants grow from the tips, not from the bottom. Ready for the Weekend Three?
1. Two cyclists rode their bicycles up and down a hill. they averaged ten kilometres per hour on the way up, and twenty kilometres per hour on the way down. What was their average speed for the entire trip?
A. 11 kph
B. 13.33 kph
C. 15 kph
D. 16.66 kph

2. If boiling water is poured into a thick drinking glass as well as a very thin wine glass, which is more likely to crack? Explain.

3. Shadow drove into the Speedy Service Station and pulled up to the pumps. "Fill it up please, "said Shadow. "This may sound strange, " said the owner, "but I'd rather fill two cars from out of town than one car from this town." Shadow looked across the small town and replied, "I know just what you mean." Why would the owner feel this way?

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