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New Machine Setup

Well, phase one is complete. Di's new system, dubbed "PinkPanther", is up and running, firewalled and virus-scannered, internet-connected, and the sound card installed. Now phase two begins, as I let her loose on it to reinstall all her programs, etc. Only had one issue with 'net connectivity...but rebooting the router fixed it. Always check the dumb things first!

I had the GeForce 4 out of the Banshee to use as a videocard, but there was a small problem. First off, when I originally installed it in the Banshee, oh-so-long ago, one of the transistors or whatever those cylindrical things are got bent, and bent back into place, making it weak. It still worked, so I didn't worry about it. Well, as I went to put it into the new box, that little thing popped right off. On top of that, the card wouldn't fit the motherboard anyway...so, gonna have to get her a new vidcard one day soon. That made me feel really bad and really pissed, but nothing I can do about it now.

Only other issue I discovered was that my plan for hooking her old harddrive to the system to let her transfer music and video files fell apart, due to lack of proper IDE cables. However, it hooks to MY system just fine...thank you, home networking. And, at this point, maybe I'll just keep that drive when this is all over.

Well, time to relax now. Man, I didn't realize how much I missed smoking until I had to do a full system setup without a cigarette.

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