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So, dravengodvamp calls me up, which is always kick-ass...but, in the early course of the convo, the funniest thing I'd heard in a long time came up...

dravengodvamp: OK, got kind of an odd question for ya.
archmage: That's fine, I'm an odd guy, wassup?
dravengodvamp: Are you at home?
archmage: Yep.
dravengodvamp: Are you near your computer?
(I suppose this is only funny if you know me pretty well, but let me give you some perspective...I spend more time in this chair than I do anywhere else, including my own bed.)
archmage: *insane laughter, while relating the story to zombiedip*
dravengodvamp: She's laughing, too, I hear.
archmage: Well, yeah, dude, come on, think about it.
dravengodvamp: Well, you must sleep and have sex sometime, right?
archmage: Yeah, but I'm still never far from my machine.

OK, so you had to kinda be there. But it was still damn funny.

Phase two of Di's machine setup has gone smoothly. Just down to minor details and file transfers.

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