God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

What a day. Woke up yesterday with a feeling like there was something in my eye, dust or something, but could not get it out. The longer the day went, the more it bothered me, meaning that I spent the whole fucking day with my eye hurting, and watering, and you know what that's like: as much as you know you shouldn't rub at it or anything, you do anyway, and then it gets raw. Eventually, just after dinner, the bright idea hit me that maybe this was something to do with allergies, since my nose had been a little runny, too (well, DUH), so I took some meds Di had around here. just as she put Erik to bed, I found the one spot on the couch where I could lay, comfortably, and turned out the lights for a bit. Well, "a bit" was the plan, but I passed out. Woke up at one point to find Di already back, and woke up again to discover it was 11:30. Oops. Crawled into bed and crashed again.

Seems better today. Eye is a little raw and sore, but nothing like yesterday. let's hope the ol' healing trend keeps up.

OK, my present "work" list is down to one item again, and that's a longer running thing, so that means I can get back to icons...so, y'all I owe one, expect to see them soon.

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