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Well, the eyes are better, but not totally up to par...but that won't stop me. Weekend answers: 1. 13.33 kph. You cannot average the the 10 and the 20, since the 10 kph trip took twice as long (avg. speed is total total distance over total time)...2. the thick glass will is more likely to crack. Glass is a poor conductor of heat, and in the thick glass the inside will get warm and try to expand while the outside will still be cool, thus stressing the glass...3. Why would they guy rather fill two out-of-town cars than one in-town one? Because two fill-ups makes more money than one.

Well, let's start the new week:
Our pal Dee Septor, the famous magician, now claims to be able to throw a ping-pong ball so that it will go a short distance, come to a stop, and then reverse itself. He adds that he will not bounce the ball against any surface or object, nor will he tie anything to it. How can he perform this feat?

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