God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Chips In Place Of Ashes

Now, I can understand these women being upset and angry. Two ladies discovered that, behind the glass door of their mother's niche in the synagogue, the cedar chest containing their mother's ashes had been replaced by a can of sour-cream-and-onion potato chips. But the fact that they have turned around and filed lawsuits is just insane. MAYBE I could see them suing the synagogue...but, as they say, "the question here is one of legal responsibility, and [we] did not do anything wrong." The place certainly did not "intentionally inflict emotional distress", which appears to be the lawsuit's charges. And the fact that they are suing the companies that arranged for their mother's cremation and inurnment? What the fuck? They had nothing to do with this. These women have come up with some bullshit charge that they didn't close and lock the niche...ignoring the fact that they both had visited in the past year, previous to this, and had seen nothing wrong, etc.

Look, as I said, I can see them bring distressed and upset, OK. But, damn, to just jump right on this, suing everyone you can think of? That's just stupid, and pointless. None of these people "intentionally" did anything. The funeral services companies have NOTHING to do with this, their job was long done. The synagogue, well, maybe needs better security, but they sure didn't go out of their way to screw with these people.

Suing the temple. Man, that's just cold. Funniest line in the article? "A locksmith opened the niche and Houston police took custody of the can, which still contained potato chips." Oh, great, nice to know that the can of chips is in police custody...and thank heavens it still contained chips! I'd hate them to have discovered the chips missing, too!

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