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No, No...Rage REALLY Taking Over

I used to say "I hate it here" with my tongue sneaking into my cheek. Rants about things that were bad, wrong (badong, to your Steve Oedekerk fans), but usually not too world-shattering. But, damn...what happened?

The 2257 rules, um, whose bright idea are these? Seems the whole idea was to cut down on child porn...but, come on, kiddie porn people are well aware of the illegality of what they do, and are not operating out in the open. thus, this huge-ass paper trail that these new rules are demanding isn't going to help.

And some of the fallout is already insane. Yahoo shut down all of it's user-created chat rooms...ALL OF THEM...amid concerns that adults were using the sites to try to have sex with minors. This just bothers me. Now, OK, I can see you killing a room with a title like "Girls 13 And Under For Older Guys", but what about chat rooms for, oh, say, anything else? Baseball cards, beanie babies, fans of "Firefly", gardening, whatever? Such sweeping cancellations are unnecessary...but with our government's draconian attitude towards enforcement based on paranoia and blind faith instead of fact, it's not surprising. All I can say is thank the Internet for foreign porn.

Speaking of the government taking over, is it just me, or does the Supreme Court's ruling that city governments can take your house for private development bother you as much as it bothers me? Eminent domain, clear public use, and blighted area revitalization, these things are good, and few would debate their merits. But this ruling means your city government can kick you and your neighbours out, raze the 'hood, and put up office blocks, shopping malls, and hotels, and there's nothing you can do about it.

When did the "Land of the Free" become this lost? I'm starting to feel schizophrenic, because the reality of this place doesn't match the reality I've always known and had.

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