God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


Another up-and-down day...but this one went well, for a change.

After the rude awakening, my head has been hurting all day. Add to that the fact that I've felt like I couldn't keep my eyes open. Finally laid down for a bit, and slept for almost two hours, and woke up just 4pm. Now, James was supposed to be off at 4, and the parts store was supposed to call me to tell me if the new starter was in. So, a quick phone call to the store told me that we were good on the part. Step 1, complete.

Now, time passes, no James. My headache gets worse, my stomach is feeling rough. Feeling too ragged to play anything, do much of anything, but don't feel good enough to just sit around. Took some pain meds and started cleaning up the house. A call to James' place shows him not home. Hmm. Dianna finally gets home, hungry...it's going on 5:30. Make some food, wait some more. Another call, no word. Then, out of the blue, James arrives. Turns out his work today was pretty far out, and that and traffic accounted for the time. He's got the part and he's ready to rock. Step 2, complete.

Now, it's been raining a little all day, but only the barest dripping, just enough to get things went. So, of course, as he crawls under the car to get working, it starts POURING. I put down a couple towels to work on, and hung another over the hood with an umbrella to keep the worst off, and we got going. Well, I say we, it was HE, and I stood there in the rain as support. I couldn't do anything, knowing dick about cars, but I felt bad leaving him in the rain alone to fix our car. Got it installed, put the battery back in, and I grabbed the keys. Keep in mind, there was still a small part of our minds that feared this was not the issue. Leaned in, turned the key...

*chuckachuckaVROOOM* A cheer erupted...that engine revving up was sweet, sweet music. Step 3, complete.

Headache is back to manageable levels, a little food helped the stomach, and just knowing the car works again made Di feel a thousand times better...which helps me immensely.

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