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Good times at polarbear's place last night. Man, his new house kicks ass, and he's doing some cool stuff with it, making it quite the place. Drinks and some ass-kickin' steaks, always fun.

Strange dreams last night...At some point, I was in a large , relatively open room...well, open, in that it was large, but lots of junk around. The others around were part of some band or performing group along with me, and just through the next door was where we'd be performing. People started getting geared up and excited, but I wasn't. As they began filing out, I was wandering towards the back of the room, where there were lots of shelves full of stuff, and some older lady asked me what I was looking for. I told her that I was trying to find something cool to wear on stage, a costume or something, instead of just going out in the ratty t-shirt and cut-offs I was wearing. She just said to let her know if she could help, and wandered off. The next thing I know, I'm standing in a bathroom (the small bathroom off my grandparent's room, in the house in Orlando, to be precise), looking at myself in the mirror. I must have been younger, because I was still skinny, and I had a towel kinda wrapped around part of me, and another strip of cloth that was attached to it, up and across the shoulder, which I was holding in place. The reflection, however, was Vincent Price (same outfit!) and he was going on about the house, and it's curse, and how this was not going to help it or something. Eventually, I turned away from this false reflection, and walked out of the room, into a darker room I had not seen before, where a voice began to tell me stories of "the time before". The farther I walked, the louder the voice became, and the more the floor under me began to shudder from the sheer volume, eventually I felt a door knob, turned it, and opened onto flame...

...and woke up. Funny thing is that one of the first things I saw this morning on my LJ wanderings was someone talking about a Vincent Price film.

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