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Few little tidbits to throw at ya:

-- Chalk Up Another Score For Equality: The United Church of Christ Endorses Gay Marriage - The United Church of Christ's rule-making body voted overwhelmingly Monday to approve a resolution endorsing same-sex marriage, making it the largest Christian denomination to do so. The vote is not binding on individual churches, of course, but roughly 80 percent of the representatives on the UCC's 884-member General Synod voted to approve the resolution Monday. More and more are coming around to understanding that banning this and going against it is just fuckin' stupid, and that there is no reason to be threatened by it or against it. Keep on shinin'.

-- Speaking of people who are against it, get this: As you may know, the G8 countries are meeting this week, meaning our Chimpresident will be out there, making the world hate us some more. It appears that, as he was headed out, he made a point of telling Tony Blair 'not to expect any favours'. Now, OK, fine, the basic sentiment, I'm not gonna argue with. Any leader is gonna go with what he feels is best...but, damn, didja have to be such a sumbitch about it? Britain is the only country that really supported this Iraqi Death March we got going, here, the least you could do is not go out of your way to be a jackass to them. Not that I expect any more from him, of course...this is the same guy who's going to it already saying he'll say no to the Kyoto Protocols, AGAIN, claiming that it would "wreck our economy". What, worse than YOU'RE wrecking our economy, George? Yeah, don't think about helping the PLANET or anything.

-- On the subject of "More Moronic Things Done In Dubya's Administration", BMEZine (the largest and oldest full-spectrum body modification publication on the planet) editors and publishers Shannon and Rachel Larratt packed up the servers and the business, and moved back to Canada, in response to the newly insane 2257 laws. Score another for the freaks, say I. I really am amazed that the US thought these regulations were a good idea, or that they would put any real dent in child porn, which was it's stated purpose. As usual, I don't buy their bullshit for a minute.

-- In closing, I gotta share with you the most inane thing I've read in days: in case you aren't aware, NASA managed to hit the Tempel 1 comet with a probe on Monday, and that ain't no mean feat. They say they're getting all the data they could hope for, and it's a major score for science, to say the least (keep up with developments here). But there's at least one person who isn't happy about this: a Russian astrologist who says the probe has altered her horoscope by crashing into the comet and is suing the U.S. space agency for damages of $300 million. Yes, 300 million dollars, because this probe somehow messed up her horoscope. Oooooo-kay, lady. Can't wait to see that one get laughed out of court.

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