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T + 2 hours, 30 minutes

Well, she's halfway to Portland by now...and the house is empty. She took our bed, she took our entertainment center, she took our VCR. I have to rant about this for a second.

When you break up with someone, and it's been a long-term thing, you are bound to have accumulated some things that belong to you both, and those kinda have to be split up. I understand this. Apparently, Cha does not. We didn't have much that was both of ours, except those things (and the dishes, but I'm not as worried about them). But the VCR, well, I own 10 times as many movies as she does, and she's moving in with someone who HAS a VCR. The entertainment center, I have twice as much stuff to put on one. The bed, well, we both needed it. Point is, though, she just DECIDED that she was taking them all. The 2 in question, well, her excuses were:

-- VCR: "MY brother gave it to us." As if the giver makes a difference.
-- E-Center: "I bought it with MY tax return." And here, I thought that since we shared bills and care expenses, rent, food, and shared every OTHER aspect of our lives, that stuff like that was OUR money, not HER money...certainly was the way I treated it. This must explain why I always seemed to have no money to spare, but she did. Her money was her money, my money was our money.

I should have seen this coming. I KNEW what a selfish person she was. Ah well. She's getting out, and that's more important to me. Besides, I went out today and bought myself a nice computer desk, which I have wanted for a while. The stuff the comp is on now will suffice for the TV, etc., until I can buy a new e-center. And she can kiss my entire ass.

Damn, am I getting that bitter towards her? The breakup has gone so well....not for lack of her being freaky, though.

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