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How can a day be slow and busy at the same time?

Ah, you don't wanna hear about those mundane things: little shopping, some apartment hunting, bought a new VCR, new knee brace because I'm to the point of needing two, watched some flicks you haven't seen or heard of.

Think I'm either coming down with something, or have something small but annoying. Been warm and fatigued all day for no good reason, and don't feel too hot, mentally or physically. Both will pass.

Found a couple T-shirts that I like, but have to order them from an odd place...still, might do it anyway, but hope I don't end up on their mailing list. EDIT: Didn't intend to be so cryptic, but seems to come across that way. The site is, believe it or not, a Klan-related website, but the shirts I'm thinking about are not racist or offensive, just Southern related. No fear, I think you know the only things I don't tolerate are blind hatred and stupidity.

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