God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


Another long day. Didn't really have a lot of energy this morning, but I was supposed to go out to the farm for more work on the playhouse, so up and gone I went.

Plenty of wood, nails, a chainsaw, tree sap, and Thompson's Water Seal, but we did good work. 2nd floor is finished, beams for the roof/cover are in place, ladders built, all the building is done except for the safety railings and the cover. Gotta find a supplier of waterproof canvas or awning material for that...shouldn't be hard to find. Started working out the path to get down to it (I'll try and get some pictures this weekend, you'll see what I mean) and made further plans for it. Friday, assuming we have everything we need, should be it, I imagine.

Left there and grabbed a late lunch, took it up to Di's office (got some for her too, of course), and sat around there reading my new book for a bit before napping in the car. Whatever it is that's crawled up on me, it's annoying; not bad enough to make me "sick", but enough to make me fatigued all damn week, more so than I should be. A slow evening and a thorough shower later, I'm feeling better, save for this low-grade headache.

Aren't you just SO glad you wasted time reading this banality?

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