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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Alberta To Recognize Same-Sex Marriage - Premier Ralph Klein announced Tuesday Alberta would reluctantly recognize same-sex marriage. However, he also stated that any marriage counsellor that doesn't want to perform a marriage will not be forced to do so. So, not perfect, but at least it's legal and open. In all truth, he's not happy about it and has long opposed and fought it, but he finally realized their "chances of winning are virtually none." Again, this is nice to see: instead of pig-headedly fighting, on and on, keeping the bad blood alive, a concession is made with dignity and acceptance. Humanity benefits, and he doesn't really lose anything...but gains respect. Good on ya, Premier Klein.

Bus Firm Takes Car Sharers To Court - A group of French cleaning ladies organised a car-sharing scheme to get to work (they live in Moselle and work five days a week at EU offices in Luxembourg). Seems smart, right? Save money/gas/wear-and-tear, have some companionship on the trip. Believe it or not, they are being taken to court by Transports Schiocchet Excursions, which runs a service along the route. It wants the women to be fined and their cars confiscated, accusing them of "an act of unfair and parasitical competition". Get your head around THAT one.

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