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OK, as promised, a couple pix of the playhouse Ray and I built.

From the driveway, looking down the hill...you can barely see it, and from the porch, you can't see anything at all!

Walk to the other end of the yard, and there's a spot you can step into the trees, revealing...

...this hidden path between two lines of trees, all the way down to the lower yard. We're going to add a guide rope as a safety hand-rail thing.

Finally, at the bottom of the path, you can step put and cross the lower yard and come to the playhouse itself...

...note that these pix were taken in bright sunlight, so you can see just how shaded it is there under the huge fir tree. Hell, one of the days we were building, it was raining, and we couldn't feel it!

The whole thing is waterproofed anyway, and the tin roof keeps the fir needles off of it, for the most part. The temperature difference really is amazing; step 10 feet away into the sunlight, and the temperature goes up sharply.

So, anyway, there it is.

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