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So how do I start my vacaton? By driving to work...well, had to get my paycheck! Not a big deal, though. Made some vague plans for celebrating the end of the year, we'll see how that comes out.

Also talked to kespernorth this morning abotu what a sitcom my life is like...and it got absurdly whacky...

Chaos Blackflame: Actually, I wa telling Eric the other day...we officialy have enough people and a diverse enough crowd, we need to name the house
eriktown: yes, indeed.
Chaos Blackflame: Just dunno what yet.
Chaos Blackflame: I mean, we have the goth model, the photog, the fetish yuppie, and the butt-rocker...a sitcom in the making.
eriktown: Yeah, that would be one hell of a sitcom.
Chaos Blackflame: I think we should write a few episodes.
eriktown: That would RULE
Chaos Blackflame: Maybe Fox Network will pick it up,....hell, they put ANY crap on TV
eriktown: no kidding.
Chaos Blackflame: It's convoluted enough....the butt-rocker's a Net junkie, the model and the yuppie share a bed but don't do anything, the photog surfs the couch, they all split a comp, the yuppie and the rocker are toy fanboys...The only one getting laid is gone half the time, the rest just smoke and drink too much...yeesh.
Chaos Blackflame: Like a bad Oliver Stone film.
Chaos Blackflame: Or David Lynch.
Chaos Blackflame: If we get David Lynch to do it, I want Rob Zombie to play me...in Sailor's snakeskin jacket.
eriktown: LOL
Chaos Blackflame: Yeah...it's begging to be made.
eriktown: so what does that make me? the wacky neighbor?
Chaos Blackflame: Nah...your the wacky upperclass friend who makes appearances every other show...seeing as how you are dating the model.
eriktown: LOL
eriktown: eventually we'll leave the show and get a spinoff series of our own
Chaos Blackflame: Think of the synergy....Sorta like 'Friends' but with counterculture.
eriktown: exactly. it's BEAUTIFUL.
Chaos Blackflame: Maybe we should just call it 'Buds'
Chaos Blackflame: LMAO
eriktown: oh dear.
Chaos Blackflame: hee hee
Chaos Blackflame: Or maybe 'Whose Bed Is It Anyway?'
eriktown: ROTFL
eriktown: dear gods
eriktown: it's a good thing this place is almost empty
eriktown: otherwise i would be disturbing my neighbors
Chaos Blackflame: And think of the cameo appearances...Jayne! Wild.
eriktown: YES!
Chaos Blackflame: Graves...LOL
eriktown: indeed.
Chaos Blackflame: Bianca, Judy, various other models.....
Chaos Blackflame: The list gets scary.
Chaos Blackflame: between fetish people and geek people...we'd have a helluva cast potential
eriktown: i've been telling a friend of mine in NYC about it. She says: "Hey, I'd watch it. I'd fear, but I'd watch it."
Chaos Blackflame: LMAO
Chaos Blackflame: Cool! An audience already!

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