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Up early...feh. Still, got to see zombiedip off, and that's nice. Chatted with pandora1723 for a bit, and heard from ibdreamy, which is nice.

Not much to say, today...not yet, anyway. Disgusted with the planet, as usual. Had something I was gonna say, and it's completely slipped my mind, now.

Oh, one nice side note: the author of That Darn Chauncey recently made an LJ post, and I got to commenting back and forth with him about the comic, etc. Later that day, out of the blue, I got an e-mail from him, mentioning that he thought my website was cool and that he liked the design. That felt pretty cool, gotta say.

- Heard from Jessica recently, but haven't been able to get hold of her since. Damn, that sucked as bas as not knowing...but at least she's OK. Just hoping she calls soon...

- Rearranged the front room a tad. Those that know my tendency to do this should be impressed that I went almost 2 years without changing it, this time.

- Game tonight, and that's cool. Gotta get back to the island...

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