God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Ho Hum

- I know there hasn't been anything even vaguely interesting in here lately. The days I go out to the farm, I'm too beat to be witty, and the days I'm here, seems like I spend half of it just catching up, resetting and unwinding. Boring, yeah.

- Still waiting to hear back about the apartment. Man, I hate waiting.

- Funny, as we were talking about financial stuff, Di asked me if all my contracts were paid up. Yes, I answered happily, no one presently owes me money for work. Considering how this one recurring contract has started making it a habit to pay me late (either because they "overlooked the invoice" or they "don't know what happened to the check"), I said something to the effect of "if they never send me work again, I'd be fine with that". What do I find this morning? Work from them. Eris, you are truly an evil bitch.

- On that subject: OK, the work this company throws me are small animated tile ads for AOL Yellow Pages (if for some reason you go there, the little 120x90 tiles at the top of search result pages are the ones I'm talking about). I swear, it's like no one gets the hint that I cannot do these with no info. "Here's a pic they wanna use, and a tagline...go!" Excuse me? Colours? Phone numbers? Anything to go on? Fine...don't whine to me when something's left out. This one I just did, I hope they didn't want much, because they gave me nuthin' to work with...and the pic they wanted is almost unrecognisable when shrunk to fit.


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