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I was tagged by prncessothedawn, to pick 10 fictional characters I'd like to have sex with. Well, let's see here...

1. Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) - A bit of an older woman, but c'mon, you KNOW she had a smokin' bod under those robes. Besides, I bet she knows what she likes and isn't afraid to show ya.
2. Sylvia (Brotherhood of the Wolf) - Monica Belluci, MROWR...besides, she's another who know you would drain you dry and make you beg for more.
3. Meg Coburn (The Replacement Killers) - Smart, able to kick ass, seriously sexy. The henna tats are a nice touch. Quite lickable
4. Angela (Night of the Demons movies) - Yummy. Amelia Kinkade may now be a whacko who psychically talks to animals, but Angela (pre-demonizing) is a babe.
5. Victoria Montesi (Darkhold comic) - Mmmm, Italian girls. And a doctor, so she's smart. And connected to dark Powers, so the ride would be interesting. Too bad she's primarily lesbian, but this is my fantasy, not hers.
6. Mavis/Stella (The Illuminatus! Trilogy) - A former conspirator and now an identity changing Goddess, answering as Eris herself. C'mon, DUH!
7. Lisa Müller (The Devil's Nightmare) - Mmmm...Erika Blanc as a succubus. I'm telling you, it would be worth the soul damning.
8. Annabel (Soul Survivors) - Man, sexy chica. The movie was shite, but Eliza Dushku is double-hot.
9. Wanda (Puppet Master II) - The scene of her getting out of bed after sex and adjusting her undies is forever seared into my head.
10. Sil (Species) - A sexy chick and Giger's work, combined. Yeeeeah, that can get me goin'!

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