God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Work, Work, Work

Well, we signed the paperwork on the new place yesterday, and I saw the inside for the first time. Two story town-house-style, plenty of space. The main rooms downstairs are a little larger than what we have now, but the bedrooms upstairs are downright huge. Gonna go out and do a little poking around tomorrow; we want to replace our kitchen chairs and look for a good armchair (gonna get rid of the crappy couch). We've arranged it so that we have the entire month of August to do the moving, so plenty of time. August 20th looks like the main furniture moving day.

Didn't sleep for shit the last couple nights, which meant getting up to hit the farm today was rough, but not bad once I got grooving. Guess Di didn't sleep too well either, since she's passed out in the gold chair as I type. A nap doesn't sound all that bad, actually...

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