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Shout Out

As I am going on and on about my situation, it occurs to me that I want to give a shout out to a few people...I just felt the need to do so.

discordian: my Russkie brother, the Daemon Knight, who has listened to me bitch, moan, and complain, and who never fails to tell me how he really feels, which usually boils down to the phrase, "Frank, you are a freak." 3 AM ETERNAL!!!

fallenautumn: Apryl, you know I luv ya, right? From across the damn country, she's advised me carefully, honestly, and beautifully. I'm too appreciative that you have been there for me, and you better come hang in my tower one of these days!

Alice: who moved across the country to see me, and has also never failed to tell me what she thought...and has been there for me anyway. 3 AM ETERNAL!!!

Mikki: We had a shot, and it didn't work...sometimes I still wonder why (sometimes I remember why). But we're better friends than ever because of it. I'm always here for you as you are for me. Everyone say congrats to her, her new 2-month old son Alex is a sweetheart (one of my godchildren).

Heidi (PK): I'm glad we are back in touch, and that your life is getting better every day. I love ya, babe, stay as cool as you always have been!

Gwen: dear Gwen, the best friend of my woman, and then my best friend AGAINST that woman. A veritable partner in crime, and a beautiful person. You still owe me a billiards date, you know...once we meet in person. Until then, I'm holding your cat hostage. And everyone congratulate her as well, as I forgot to mention at first, Cai is only 2 weeks old (my NEWEST godson).

...and, of course, my darling Heidi (different one), who has shown me what I was missing, has put the smile back on my face, and helped me find my happy place again. One day, I can tell you just what you mean to me.

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