God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Boring Testy Goodness

Seeing as how, on vacation, I'm online less, I discovered today that there are a veritable shit-load of stupid tests I have neglected to take...until now. I know I'm a slut, get over it. At least I'm fun.

Sure, Why Not:
You Are A Spork

The Master of dualities and contradictions.
Take The Eating Utensil Quiz at Fire For Ice!
Quiz by fire4ice

No Surprise Here:


Element: Earth


Celtic Celebration: Yule (approx. Dec 21st)

Personality Traits: Responsibility, Stability,

People who are aligned with earth tend to
be very stable people who are often considered other peoples "Rocks"

Find out what element you are aligned with

This test created by Celtic_Shamanes

I Dunno Kazzie, But I Like Being Jhonen:

I'm Jhonen Vasquez!

You are very creative, and 0wn us all. Booyaka.

Take the "What weird
obsession are you?" quiz

Also No Surprise Here:

Bodiless Heads As Xmas Presents? I Can Deal With That:
You're the Nightmare Before Christmas!

Good, I Look Terrible In Makeup, Sparkles, And Spandex:

Which David Bowie are you?

Sounds Like Fun, Anyone Wanna Lick?

mm. dark, swirly, and enticing on the outside, but what really whets
people's appetite for you is your promised creamy interior. everyone knows
you have it, and they'd love to get past that sultry chocolate cake outside
to delight on your inner workings. you're a renaissance pastry: you offer
a bit of everything to hold everyone over. you're tasty inside and out..
just be cautious of people who are chocophobes. they'll have nothing to
do with you (except, maybe, to probe your insides. for this, i'd be on
the double lookout)

take the CONFECTION!


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