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Hollywood Producer And Daughter Found Dead - Weird Circumstances

OK, read this one this morning as posted by blackwingbear, and had to pass it on.

So, seems Terry Martin Carr, his wife Chikako, and their 9-year old daughter Arieka moved from Los Angeles in late June and had been looking at properties in southern Oregon before renting an apartment in Ashland on July 29. That day, while Chikako was in a grocery store restroom, Terry drove off in his Jeep with the daughter and abandoned her. Later that day, police received a call from a man who said that someone driving a Jeep had dumped bags and boxes of clothes and personal mementos into his pasture. The items have since been linked to Terry Carr.

The bodies of Mr. Martin and his daughter were found Monday afternoon in the Jeep, outside a convenience store in Clearlake Oaks, 110 miles north of San Francisco, about 280 miles south of Ashland. There was no obvious signs of trauma and autopsies performed Wednesday were inconclusive, though toxicology results testing for the presence of drugs or alcohol are pending. Of the stuff dumped in the pasture, an Ashland police detective described it this way: ""It's not stuff you would throw away - 60-year-old photos, files - and the way they were disposed off suggests some sort of closure or starting a new chapter in life." He also mentions that Chikako said it was totally out of character, totally out of the blue for this to have happened, that they were not fighting or anything like that. She was stunned.

How creepy is that, huh?

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