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Yet Another "Star" Shows Their Brain

Jennifer Lopez, not exactly the picture of great acting, says fame hurt her career. "In the beginning, I was a blank slate. I got to work with all these great directors because I was just a girl who came in there and did well in the audition," Lopez says, reports World Entertainment News Network. "Then when I became famous, I was being offered movies that I could star in but that's all I was being offered. When I think I should be seeing the big directors, they don't even consider me. They see me as a sexy singer and too much in the media."

So, her career was hurt by her fame. Because, y'know, her career would have gone great if she never got famous, apparently. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, there, J-Lo, but no one casts you for your acting abilities, they hire you for your booty and the fact that your name will draw in some automatic audience who hopes to catch a peek at your boobies or who think you're a great singer and will support you regardless of how much it may suck.

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