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FCC Hires Conservative Indecency Critic

Seems the FCC just hired an advisor and critic for "indecency" on the airwaves in their Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis. Who'd they get? An anti-pornography activist and former lobbyist for groups that push for Christian precepts in public policy. Oh, yeah, there's someone who'll look on things with a fair and unbiased eye, suuuure.

Why exactly is this country so fucking uptight about sex? 200+ years since we established the place, and some of our values are STILL stuck in ancient times. Do these people honestly think that they can get people to stop having sex for fun? Do they think that "teaching abstinence" and shielding people from 'racy material" is gonna stop problems? On the other hand, these are people who also seriously believe in aethereal beings that answer whiny pleas and need slick used-car salesmen to talk them through what they should think, once a week...but who don't believe in ESP, ghosts, or any other supernatural events.

Look at the facts. Look at the crime rates (sexual and other) of our country versus those of other free countries who aren't so damn Puritanical in their sexual views. Most other free societies are pretty relaxed as far as skin on TV (yes, there are still standards, but they aren't half as strict as America's), though many show only a fraction of the violence America does. Amazing how many problems we have, considering.

Which would you rather your child see? Two people being intimate, or two people killing each other? Which is the preferable attitude and world view to help your child learn? Love or hate? Which is really the bigger problem?

Get your head out of your ass and out of your religion, and look at the real world. Your religion is YOUR relationship with YOUR god, it should have NO bearing on the rest of us. You don't like something? Don't engage in it. Period.

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