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Since I've been working at the ranch, I've had to get up early. This has now become a daily thing. You gotta understand, I was used to getting up at 9, maybe even 10, and going to bed in the wee hours of the morning, or, if earlier, reading for a couple hours. Now, shit, by midnight, my ass is dragging, and today was a day I could sleep in, and I was still up by 8.

Too funky.

Had strange dreams that started out with racing mini-bikes (and I mean REALLY mini mini-bikes), and segued into trying to register at some odd convention of some sort. Woke up with my hands hurting again. I'm starting to think I really did some deep damage when I nailed my hand on the door carrying those chairs, what, a week and a half ago? Add that to the nerve damage I did to the OTHER hand when I hit the ground in the parking lot of Dammasch State Hospital, and it's getting to be a pain to do much of anything, sometimes.

Well, whatever. Another day of packing small stuff so it can be run over to the new place tonight.

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