God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Stupid Terminology

Lemme tell you something minor that I hate. I hate the term "Collector's Edition". you see it everywhere, these days, constantly. DVDs seem to be the worst about it, but it's by no means limited to them.

Why would this piss me off? Think about it. Going out of your way to mark something as a "collector's edition" implies that there are others that are NOT this special edition. If this is the case, then, fine, this one is special (for whatever reason). Usually, though, there is no other edition...so why the special designation?

And what, exactly, would you expect out of the "collector's edition" of something? With toys/action figures, there are colour or material variants, so the implication is that the casual buyer, someone that just wants a toy, probably wants the main one (normal style), but the collector would enjoy having the odd ones, as well. Makes sense. But, DVDs? You could say this would apply to "director's cuts" of films...except that it seems that, half the time, that's all that is released, or the original is no longer available (such is the case with Blade Runner, for example), making the "normal" one the true "collector's edition".

Besides that, how often have you ever heard of people "collecting rare DVDs"? This isn't like tracking down old vinyl, where they not made anymore. This is an easily-to-reproduce digital format, presently active, and the ones that ARE hard to find don't get marked with any such ridiculous label.

In the end, whattaya got? Just another marketing ploy. Any truth behind the phrase "collector's edition" has been drowned in all the overuse of it where it doesn't belong (like the term 'hero"). You see it so much, you don't even think about it...and thus it gets used more and more by an industry that seeks to control you.

As usual, say what you like, call me petty, or crazy, or whatever...but, before you do, stop and think about the underlying bullshit. I'm just trying to point out something, something YOU can notice and work against, to free yourself.

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