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Well, tried to make an old fave pasta dish for dinner, and fucked it up. There's just something about burnt bacon that pretty much screws the taste of the dish all to Hell. Oh well, better luck next time, I guess.

Slow evening, past that. Loaded more shite in the car, ran it over to the new place, took the opportunity to, um, "christen the new home", and came back. Hey, take what ya can when ya can, right? Tell me you wouldn't do the same. Looking forward to being out of this place. Among many problems, not only is our mouse problem back with a vengeance, but last night I caught a huge rat running across my kitchen. For a moment, I thought Minion had gotten out of her cage, but she was secure. Rats now? Yeah, I'm SO out of here.

Talked to delilahbowie for a bit, which is always fun. Also discovered that the unit right behind our new one is for rent now...MAN, I'd love to get dravengodvamp and purpleflake in there, that would kick major ass.

Di's company picnic is tomorrow, so we'll have Erik and be out in the sun and heat. Some amusement park/group gathering area. Hmm, well, that could go either way. Depends on how my back wants to feel, hands too, since it looks like I may be helping fill out a tug'o'war team...hey, a big 300-pound guy on anchor can't hurt.

Better get a good night's sleep. Be good, ya'll.

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