God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Music News You Missed

Well, here's the only time you'll hear me say something good about Eminem. Apparently, he's retiring. He just cancelled a bunch of UK tour dates and dropped out, claiming exhaustion, though the above article also says he's going to "concentrate on being a dad to daughter Hailie, eight." If that's true, then kudos to him. Personally, I'm just glad to know I won't have to hear anymore of his whiny "music".

On a sombre note, Leonard Cohen is devastated in a recent situation involving allegations of extortion, SWAT teams, forcible confinement, tax troubles and betrayal. The short version (the article is long but worth the read when you have time) is that the iconic Canadian artist is damn near broke and becoming involved in lawsuits with his long-time trusted financial associates, to the tune of millions...most of which have disappeared from his accounts that would have been the money he'd have retired on. Sad to see this man whose music is unmistakeable and touched millions across the world, at 70, is suddenly having to be this stressed out and worried about his old age.

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