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Friendly Day

Today has been the day to meet people, apparently.

Started out with us hitting our local Denny's for some breakfast. There's a couple of the wait staff that know us there, so we get great service, and we always take some time to talk and laugh with them. Anyway, just before we sat down, a couple came in behind us. I happened to glance towards them, like you do, and the man greeted me. I greeted him back, and we were given our table. They ended up sitting next to us, and at one point, asked the time. That was the beginning of a good 20 minutes of convo between them and us, just rambling back and forth about life, work, travel, food, and comics. By the time we all left, the man (Ali) and I had exchanged business cards, and talked of getting together again sometime. I might even do some web/logo design work for them. Good, nice people. Gotta like that.

We cleaned the old place for a while, loaded up some stuff, and came on home. Relaxed, unloaded, and eventually hit the store and got some dinner. on the way back, we stopped in at this little hole-in-the-wall comic shop, just up the street from our new place.

Well, that was another hour-long time that passed, as we got to talking to the guy that worked there, who, it turns out, owns the store. Another happy, friendly, extroverted guy, he and I babbled back and forth about comics, work, and whatnot. Had a blast. In fact, it turns out that he lives just a mile or two from the ranch! How small this world is, sometimes. A pretty cool little shop, too...gonna have to become a regular, maybe start collecting a few books again. Oh, and Di bought me (well, bought US) the H.R. Giger statue of Li II that I've always wanted, and got it for half off. Fuckin' rockin', baby.

Nothing like a fun day full of meeting new people.

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