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Awake entirely too early...as in a quarter to 7. No. No, bad idea. The only reasons I should be up that early are nookie, D&D, or close bro's with some need.

None of which is happening right now.

Long, drawn-out dreams about being back in an area I'd left years before, and trying to talk to old friends about stuff of mine that had been left behind, and discovering that, for whatever reason, these old friends had turned on me, and were no longer friends. The best I could manage was to get them to stash the stuff somewhere so I could go get it. Kinda depressing.

Woke up to Erik's alarm going off in the other room. Again. Apparently, he never really turns it off, just hits snooze, gets up, and they leave...meaning it goes off later, and that means I have to get up and turn it off. Leaves his radio on, as well. I tried to go back to bed, but hit my head on the metal railings of the headboard getting back into bed.

Yeah, good morning to me.

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