God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

When Comedians Attack...Almost

So, the big classic rock station in Miami is 105.9. The morning show on Big 105.9 FM is "Paul and Young Ron". Now, morning radio tends to be full of guys that talk a lot and try to keep things funny, so it's no surprise that comedians appearing at the Miami Improv stop by to tell a few jokes and get some advertising. Aries Spears, apparently of MadTV fame (yeah, I had to look him up, too...ooh, yeah, such fame) is no exception. The difference is that he didn't feel like being funny.

Spears does impressions, I guess. Doing skit comedy for a living, you'd have to. So, when he came on the show, they asked him to do a few...and he refused. As he was leaving, he was extremely rude to the intern showing him out, who then, as any intern should do, reported back to the hosts. When Paul and Ron commented on his behaviour, Aries turned his car around and came back into the studio and proceeded to bash and physically threaten them.

Yep, live on the air. Way to go, dumbass. You gotta hear the clip of this incident...it's a laugh riot. Comedy Fuckin' Goldmine.

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